Your Mom Says You’re Perfect

Creating is like conceiving and birthing. As mom, you exercise due diligence to ensure your baby is perfect. But is there a state of perfection? With all our flaws from birth to adulthood to senility, there is none.

Except to moms (and dads).

Yes, we are! At least to them, we are.  No matter how we look. Whether we have ten, eleven, twelve or no fingers at all. Whether we were a talker or never uttered a word. I could go on and go but you get the point.

Birthing: How Does it Feel, Mom?

So what’s this bloggin’ all about?

Well, I’m still hard at work with my coloring pages, trying to perfect the craft.

Three days ago, I joined Cynthia Koo’s 365-Day Project at Skillshare. I committed to create one coloring page a day. So far, I’ve created six since the day I started last July 3rd.

Adult Coloring Page on CatsI’ve been having a mix of experience - fun, aha moments, trial-and-error, breakthroughs, discouragement, determination, and everything in between.

There’s this big hurdle I’m trying to solve about line weights in my coloring pages. I haven’t mastered it to a “T” but I’m not giving up. I know I’m really close. Like a pregnant woman, how could I turn back?

I recall 13 hours of labor with my first child, sixteen years ago. It was tough. It was nerve-wracking, I was scared. I didn’t know what was to come next. I wanted to scream but kept my cool. I knew that if I did, I would lose myself to panic. I was practicing the Lamaze birth method and my husband was beside me all the time. That made things easier for me. When my baby finally came out, my prevailing thoughts and feeling was that I could overcome whatever challenge comes my way.

What I’m saying is - I’m having birth pains with my art! It’s tough. It’s nerve-wracking. I’m scared. I get tired at times and want to give up. Yet, I can’t. I won’t. I’m moving forward.

Wisdom of the Tortoise

These birth pains would go beyond 13 hours for sure. I’m prepared for many more months and years of polishing my craft. It’s a slow process but as the tortoise says,

“Slow and steady wins the race”

Remember my “Adult Coloring Pages Challenge“? This 365-Day Project is pushing me to carry on with that. My intention was (and still is) to keep creating each day until I have enough materials to publish.

I would get there. In due time.

And, yes, one page at a time.