I’ve been busy creating my adult coloring pages. I have revisited my goals and took note of targets to meet.

As such, I’m being silent as a lamb and working behind the curtain.  As this saying goes:

My Big Question on Creating Adult Coloring Pages

So far, I’ve discovered great techniques to improve my coloring pages. I’ve been thinking a lot about this big hurdle:

“How do I create really slick lines in my drawings like I see in most adult coloring books?”

I have managed to keep my lines clean by turning them into vectors in SVG format.

I have managed to make them thin by adjusting line weights in Adobe Photoshop. However, my success with this is limited. I still wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to keep them even slicker.

For days on end, I searched for answers to this boggling question. Answers online were scarce, even nil. I had to sew the tiny pieces.

Finally, I found it - my way of creating clean and slick lines for my coloring pages!

Have a look at what I came up with using my newfound knowledge:

Adult Coloring Books Page