Publishing an adult coloring book has many aspects to it. One of it is finding a great title.

I am finalizing work on my first adult coloring book, which was what I set out to do under my “Adult Coloring Pages” Challenge. The intention was to create page after page of coloring designs until I end up with a published coloring book or a series of books.

By the looks of it, the market is inundated with adult coloring books on mandalas. Now, I’m adding to the growing number! Anyway, who knows where this leads me? I cannot give up before I’ve even started putting my own in the market.

Title Attributes for Your Adult Coloring Book

Now, I’m looking for a lovely name to christen my baby! It should have the following attributes to it:

  • Captivates - It needs no more than a glance or two to attract attention;
  • Stands out - It’s pretty similar to the first. However, I’d like to emphasize that the book should be a cut above the rest. It must have an ooomph. I may be asking for too much. Mandalas are mandalas by whatever name, right? Still, I’d like to give this one a try and that’s why I’d like to hear what you think. Besides, more heads are better than one.
  • Sticks - It should be easy to recall.
  • Says what it says it is - It should be true to what is inside the book pages. This adult coloring book on mandalas focus on mandalas. However, it’s more than just mandalas because of its surrounding embellishments.

Naming Your Adult Coloring Book: 5 Simple Steps

Here are steps I’m taking to find a standout name for my mandala coloring book:

  • Market scan - Look around for titles of similar books. What are already there? How are they presented? What uniqueness or special features do you see?
  • Set criteria - Define what attributes your book title should have. How short or long? What keywords or phrases do you use? How should the words sound like to your ear?
  • Brainstorm - Play around with words and phrases based on what you’ve seen and what you want.
  • Ask around - Seek out the help of others. What suggestions do they have? How do you seek them out?
  • Decide - Soon enough, you’ll have to decide a name for your book. Once done, you may test the waters. You may revise later on if results you expect don’t show up?

Title Options for My Mandala Adult Coloring Book

I have a number of titles in mind:

Candidate # 1: Mandala Sprawl

Candidate # 2: Mandala, Mandala!

Candidate # 3: Brilliant Mandalas

Candidate # 4: Mandala Blast

Candidate # 5: Beyond Mandalas

Candidate # 6: ?

Any thoughts on these?

Did anything catch your fancy or stirred your imagination?

Any suggestions of a better or improved title?

I would love to hear what you say.

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ll give a complimentary PDF copy of the adult coloring book on mandala to anyone who comments down below. As soon as this baby comes out, you’ll have first dibs. 🙂


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