The Beauty of Knowing Where You Are

I did an assessment of my blog two days ago and came up with a report card based on some defined parameters:

  • website - needs improvement (NI)
  • content - work-in-progress (WIP)
  • traffic - FAIL!
  • product or service - WIP
  • promotion – FAIL!
  • list-building – FAIL!

My report card shows that I have failed in three areas: traffic, promotion and list-building.

I initially recorded “near fail” for promotion but after further scrutiny, I think I’ve really failed on this; the reason is that despite getting traffic with blogging, I’m not getting targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is what I need. Not just any sort of traffic. Besides, promotion and traffic are closely intertwined, almost the same thing, with promotion preceding traffic.

However, all of them are important. Also, all of them are related.

Now, as to the question of why it’s important to know where you are in your business? If you know where you are in your map, you’ll know which direction to take to reach your destination.

I Am Sailing: Here’s My Plan

I am sailing quoteAll of them are important and I have a plan for each one:


  • think up of a branding concept for my website
  • create a logo or let someone do it for me
  • pay somebody to improve the looks of my site based on my branding
  • drive traffic.


  • identify blog topics that would appeal to my audience
  • develop an editorial calendar and stick to it
  • create varied types of content including, but not limited to, text, memes, coloring pages, images, and quotes
  • convert content to PDF using and, to which I have subscribed
  • drive traffic.


  • actively work on creating content for my Instagram
  • figure out how to generate likes for my Facebook account
  • tweet more targeted content at Twitter
  • create a Pinterest account
  • create giveaway coloring books with my website name for backlinks
  • distribute my written blog content in PDF format to other platforms.

Product or service

  • package one product at a time with a lovely cover in PDF format
  • populate my shop with my coloring products
  • write copy or sales pitch
  • sell packaged products to other online markets (based on a previous post)
  • drive traffic.


  • write copy or sales page
  • drive traffic (based on my traffic plan above).


  • test my autoresponder to make sure that it works (although I guess it does because I have one subscriber on the list!)
  • set up an opt-in form at my home page and about page
  • come up with a thank you page
  • develop my email sequence
  • package a giveaway product
  • drive traffic.

I notice that in all of the parameters, driving traffic is ever present.

However, even if I actively drive traffic to my website, my efforts end up useless if I’m not able to capture visitors to my subscribers’ list. This is where building my email list comes in.

List-Building: First Things First

If you don't know where you are going quoteList-building would be my top priority from now on.


Because I want my target visitors to come back - not just once but - again and again to my website. I could only do that if I have their contact information.

Over the coming days this week, I commit to:

  • set up my opt-in page at my home page and about page
  • develop my thank you page
  • write and schedule a few emails
  • test the functionality of my autoresponder from opt-in to sending emails
  • come up with my free coloring book as an opt-in giveaway.

I should be sharing my progress over the coming days.

How about you?

Have you taken a close look at where you are in your blog or business?

Do you know what your status is and where you’re going?

Have you taken the right steps to move forward?

Please share how you did it, what your gains are, and how your blog or business is doing after taking action.

I’d love to learn from your experience.