Working Strategically through List-Building

I’ve been really busy the past two days fixing my website. This came after I took a serious look at what I’m doing.

I realized that what I was doing were so-so, and that I’m not acting strategically.

I also learned that if I were to achieve significant results, I have to work on building my list and everything that leads to it. As such, I’m focusing on these things for the rest of the week:

  • opt-in forms
  • emails particularly to welcome and follow up new sign-ups
  • autoresponder 
  • giveaway to entice people to join me.

Somehow, I’ve started some work but barely done.

A Great List-Building Tool Called Freebie!

PenguinI’d like to finish my freebie, which is a set of 30 coloring pages of animals. Subscribers to my blog would get them once they sign in. They include reseller or developer rights, allowing them to do whatever they wish - including publishing them into an adult coloring book.

Got to go!

Keep yourself posted. 🙂