How to Make a Coloring Book: Areas to Learn

I am on the 15th day of my “Adult Coloring Pages” Challenge and halfway through the usual 30-day challenge projects you often hear. Everything I do are geared towards learning how to make a coloring book. 

Apart from drawing, inking and vectorizing, I search everywhere for relevant courses or tutorials that I need to learn and focus on. I think the most important ones are:

  • how to create professional-looking adult coloring pages
  • how to self-publish adult coloring books
  • how to market adult coloring books.

I am mostly at the stage of learning how to make a coloring book but intermittently switch to the other two. My learning curse is not that steep but takes so much of my time. Nevertheless, I keep going as I want to hit the nail on the head, learn the trade from the masters, and sink my teeth into it. Seriously.

How to Make a Coloring Book: A Great Go-to Learning University

Let me share with you some of the short courses that I finished. If you’re keen, you’ll notice that all of them share the same patterns and features:

  • videos are short, quick and easy to digest
  • relevant, downloadable resources
  • practice assignment to hone your skills and get guidance
  • a project gallery to showcase your work-in-progress and completed work
  • access to an active and supportive community of like-minded people
  • professional answers to your questions, concerns and requests.

Plus, it doesn’t cost you an arm and leg to enroll in them.

Haven’t got a clue yet?

It’s popular among artists, crafters, art enthusiasts, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and teachers (though not much with internet marketers).

It’s Skillshare!

Skillshare is a “learning community of creators and makers. Anyone can join.” Learners may be teachers and teachers may be learners.

“Skillshare is to unlock the world’s creativity. We believe that everyone is creative, and that giving people tools to harness their creative power has the potential to change lives for the better. We’re dismantling the traditional barriers to learning so that anyone, anywhere in the world, can learn whatever they set their minds to.”

Now that you know, let’s dive into the most exciting part - courses to related to adult coloring books!

How to Make a Coloring Book: Awesome Bite-Sized Courses


Course # 1 – Make Your Own Coloring Page 

Ria Sharon teaches this bite-sized course on how to make coloring book page. She’ll show you exactly how she creates her coloring pages, including the following details:

  • what supplies to use
  • where to draw your inspiration from
  • how to come up with your sketch
  • how to ink your sketch
  • how to enhance or polish your work

It’s only 22 minutes long, and if you speed up the videos, you’ll be amazed at how much you learn in a short time. Then, you could replay them to refresh your memory or follow along.

How to Make a Coloring Book

See for yourself how learning Ria’s course is a breeze!


Course # 2 – Doodle Time! Make Your Own Coloring Book Page for Watercolors 

In this premium 14-minute course, Jenn Coyle teaches you how to make your coloring book page.

You learn how to do the following:

  • draw your coloring book page
  • digitize and vectorize your work
  • print it out and color with watercolor.

Rejoice at how short the videos are!

Jenn delivers it in a succinct style that makes learning fun and easy.

How to Make a Coloring Book


Check out Jenn’s course.


Course # 3 – Swear Words Coloring Book

On Amazon’s best sellers in Coloring Books for Grown-ups, adult coloring books on swear words compete for the top spots.
Amazon Best Sellers on Coloring for Grown-ups


This is also true for the Crafts, Hobbies and Home category.

This adult coloring book sub-niche may not appeal to you, but if it does, you may want to have a look at Aerie North’s premium class on creating a swear words coloring book.

How to Make a Coloring Book

Don’t miss Aerie’s course!


Course # 4 – Create a Botanical Coloring Book

Aerie North also has this course about creating a botanical coloring book. You spend only 12 minutes of your time and voila! You learn how to make a coloring book on flowers and gardens.

How to Make a Coloring Book

This link should take you to Aerie’s course.


Course # 5 - You Can Self-Publish a Coloring Book

What do you do after you have created your adult coloring pages? You may package them as a downloadable digital book to share to friends or sell. More than that, go self-publish them.

Katie Cannon shows you the shortest path to do that as she teaches you the following in her course “You Can Self-Publish a Coloring Book”:

  • supplies that you need
  • setting up your coloring pages and text in Microsoft Publisher
  • setting up your inside and front cover
  • uploading your document to Create Space for publication.

How to Make a Coloring Book

Check out Katie’s class now.

The Key to Make a Coloring Book: Action!

If there are more bits of information or skills that I want to learn, I scour them from other courses in Skillshare.

I can’t get enough of Skillshare. It’s the only learning platform that has taught me the specific skills that I wanted to learn, in a way that suits my needs and lifestyle.

Go check out Skillshare! You won’t regret.

Soon, you’ll see your own adult coloring books lining the shelves of bookstores and all from learning how to make your own coloring book!