I am at the 17th day of my “Adult Coloring Pages” Challenge. I’m not stopping or slowing down. I’m just breathing in some fresh air and then off to work I go. I have to deliver two orders for coloring pages at my Fiverr store.

Taking a Short Break from Work

Part of my routine in the morning are do the following:

  • check my website for comments
  • finding interesting mail
  • monitoring orders at my online shops
  • read news and entertainment online
  • post to social media.

As I did them today, some inspiring meme caught my fancy. I searched the original source and discovered variations of it.

A Dose of Inspiration

What would you expect me to do? Put my own spin to it, of course.

Here’s my end product:

Coloring Book Worm Inspirational Quotes

This really made my day!

Spread the Joy

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It’s a friendly reminder that life is beautiful. You just have to live by some principles.