Why Are You Never Good Enough?

Many times, you are faced with self-doubt.

You doubt if you can do what you wanted to do or are supposed to do as an employee, spouse, parent, friend, or mentor.

You doubt if you have what it takes to meet standards. You claim that you’re an artist, a writer, an accountant, or teacher. Deep inside, you ask yourself: Do I measure up? Am I who I say I am?

You  doubt if you’re good enough. You are never enough, are you?

You feel that you don’t measure up. You’re always short - shorty, short-sighted, shortchanged.

If you entertain your battered, critical self, you’ll never be enough. You’ll always feel empty, deprived, down-and-out, alone, lonely, frustrated and dissatisfied.

Simple Ways to Deal with Self-Doubt

When that happens to me - and, believe me, it does - here are the things that I do:

  • Accept myself. I embrace who I am. Who I am is who I am and I love who I am. I deserve to be in my own skin.
  • Believe in myself. Who I am today is a living person. I breathe, I grow, I change. Who I am now isn’t the person yesterday nor will I be, tomorrow. I believe in who I am.
  • Trust the universe. I trust that everything will be taken care. I’m good. I’ll be okay.
  • Listen to others. Other people see more than I do. They have more wisdom and understanding than I do. I listen to them. I express gratitude for their compliments or encouraging words. I filter out the bad they say that can do me harm.

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  • Take action. If I do nothing to effect change - whatever it is - things would be as they are. That’s for sure. So, I set goals, work towards them, and switch off my inner critic.
  • Expect positive change. I am an optimist and as long as I live and strive to be better, I expect great changes to happen.
  • Celebrate my awesomeness. I celebrate my awesomeness. There’s no one as awesome as me!


Well, folks, how about you? When self-doubt hits you, what do you do? How do you deal with it?

I would love to hear your story! Please share it with us below.