Today was crazy. My spouse and I were on the road for most of the time for various activities – doctor’s appointment, lab test, pick up our son at another city for track and field, check out housing rental space, and grocery.

To make the story short, I didn’t finish my obra maestra based on my theme on women. I did manage to draw and ink two floral drawings for another theme. It seemed easier to draw flowers after I’ve defined some basic paramaters.

flower coloring booksIf you look closely at the images, you’ll notice plenty of erasures. I tried cleaning up the images at the drawing board using Bic’s Wite-Out, the one kids use at school to correct writing mistakes. I thought it would do the trick but not 100%. For that, it’s a fail but I’m not worried as I could easily correct those mistakes at Photoshop. I wish I don’t have, too, because it takes a significant amount of time.

Floral Coloring Books

The ideas for these images were based on my impressions of flowers around the neighborhood. They’re not from people’s gardens but the type you find by the sidewalk. They are not precise but more a mimicry of nature.

There’s nothing much I could write today as I’m so tired from the trip and heat!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a better post. Promise.