I’ve never been glued to my seat drawing non-stop as I had been today. Well, it’s a weekend and hubby is here to cover for me with kids’ requests and household chores. For that, I managed to draw and ink five Mandalas.

I learned new techniques and gained great insights along the way so it was worth my time.

Have a look at what I’ve got:


Adult Coloring Pages Challenge IMG20160612133332 IMG20160612133353 IMG20160612133235

Adult Coloring Pages Challenge: Tips for the Day

Tip #1: To speed up production, minimize movement.

Do as many strokes as possible from one position. Turning your sheet of drawing paper or sketchbook a number of times and in various directions or positions for one element alone would be a waste or your time. Does that make sense?

Tip #2: Organize your tools.

I’ve said this before and I cannot overemphasize. Know where you put all the tools that you need. Position what you often use at arms reach. You’ll do yourself a big favor for this. You not only save on time, you also save yourself from stress.

Tip #3: Rest your eyes.

I noticed that my vision has become blurry the more that I work continuously. My eyes have become fixated on short distance objects that has aggravated my short-sighted vision. Now, I need my eyeglasses plus a big magnifying glass. I need to take occasional breaks and so do you, if you want to make the activity of making your coloring sheets a hobby or source of income.

Truth is, my eyes are blurry. I can’t focus clearly and the kids are calling to sleep. I did enjoy the day and if I could, I would stretch it from an inch to a mile. But then, the day is short. Time is limited and sleep is essential.

“Time is very slow for those who wait
Very fast for those who are scared
very long for those who lament
Very short for those who celebrate
But for those who love time is eternal.” ~William Shakespeare

And so, I must go but I’ll be back tomorrow. My “Adult Coloring Pages” Challenge is too important now to stop. I’m building a strong foundation for something big in the near future.