Along with client work, I’m working on my freebies as part of my opt-in offer.

Many things are strange to me. One of them is how to offer a downloable document.

As I have most of my freebie coloring pages ready, I would like to try how I may share them.

How do I carry out this task?

This is something that I’m figuring out right now.

How to Create a Download Page: Three Options

I am considering three options:

Option #1: Download Express

In the past, I bought a plugin Download Express from Mark Hess. I jumped in on the offer because it promised secure download; however, as I scrutinize it now that I want to use it, it seems I could only provide download link via:

  • Thrivecart
  • JVZoo
  • Warriorforum
  • Zaxaa.

I’m not using these though. I just want to have my subscribers download in my website.

I’ll check this plugin closely through the video and PDF instructions provided. I may be missing important things. Perhaps, I’ll shoot Mark Hess an email.

Option #2: Share to Download

I have this plugin installed in my site. I don’t know how I got this and how I’d use it.

Option #3: Site-Based Download Page

When I buy products from sellers, I often download my purchase via a download page in the sellers’ website.

Again, I’ll play with it for the remaining hours of the day.

Hopefully, I could have a page ready by tomorrow.

Now, who ever said that running an online business is easy? With all the techie stuff that I have to do, I don’t think so.

Practice Makes Perfect?

However, I’m sure that with time, things would get easy just because I shall have gotten familiar with operations. Also, after a period of trial and error, I shall have learned the skills that would make my life easy.

How about you?Β Are you at a stage in your business or blogging where you know how to set up your download page?

How about sharing your experience with me and my readers? Some valuable tips would surely go a long way.

My thanks, in advance.