How to Create Your Download Page: A Simple Way

coloring bookwormYesterday, I wrote a post on how to create a download page.  It was more a question to myself, so that I would seriously seeks answers to it.

If you go to my freebie section, you would find a blank page (and I shouldn’t have included that in my menu).

The reason for that is, you guessed it! I didn’t know how I could share resources - art work, ebook, video, audio, graphics, or just about anything.

After some work, I finally found some instructions from on how to create a download page.

Here’s how I’m implementing it:

Step #1 - Upload document.

In your editor, click “Add Media” on the top.


You’re then taken to your media library. Beside it is a folder called “Upload Files.” Click it and upload the document you want to share.


Now that you have your document in your server, you are now ready for the second step.

Step #2 - Create a page or post.

Create a page or post where you write some blurbs to introduce your downloadable document.

Although optional, this is nice to have.

Step #3 - Create a placeholder.

The placeholder is where you put your link. It may be any of the following:

  • title of your document
  • type of document like PDF, video, audio, graphics
  • instruction saying “click here” or “download here.”

It’s up to you. I think the bottom line is to make it descriptive or instructive.

Step #4 - Create a link.

In the page or post that you’ve created, place your cursor over the placeholder.

coloring bookworm

Then, click “Add Media,” as shown in step 1. That would create a download link for you.

As a way to test what I’m saying, I’m creating a download link for a free ebook of 31 mandalas.

Download 31_Free_Mandalas

I created these using a free site that I’ll talk about in a future post. This is not my freebie yet for my subscibers, which is better. I promise.

Sorry, I have to rush. It’s my eldest son’s birthday and our family is eating out.

I guess that’s it.

The question now is how to keep your document secure, if that’s your intention.