Right Tools, Correct Use, Great Results

Today is a Sunday. It’s family day and, supposedly, day of fun and relaxation.

In keeping with that, I took time off coloring a page that I did. I used my coloring pens - Derwent Inktense, Prismacolor and Laurentien. I used a paint brush for the Inktense to spread the color around. Inktense can give you a beautiful watercolor or intense ink effect depending on how you play with it.

I just recently bought the Inktense pens and used them once or twice and very briefly.

Coloring PensI didn’t get the effect that I wanted. I confused Prismacolor for the Inktense pens. When I applied water on the colors, it didn’t spread. I noticed that the printing paper was thinning out. I then realized that I used Prismacolor, which isn’t water soluble.


Meet Coloring: My Teacher

Nevertheless, the experience was fun. It gave me some quiet time to think about a lot of things. It also taught me (again!) that

  • I can’t be perfect in everything
  • each one has a learning curve
  • I should be gentle with myself when I commit mistakes
  • mistakes happen for a reason
  • next time, I’d be a little wiser and I’ll do things better.

That’s what simple coloring can actually do. It forces you gently to be touch with yourself. It’s a subtle learning and teaching tool. It works on the subconscious and change could happen without you knowing.

If you’ve been coloring or have done it before, did you find it fun and relaxing?

Did you have a similar experience with insights?

How valuable is coloring to you?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.