I have been quiet from the blogging world lately. My intention was to post a blog every single day and keep up with Sarah Arrow’s 30-day Blogging Challenge. For a time, I made it and then came a point when I have to choose between posting everyday and creating my adult coloring pages.

Or am I just making excuses? Perhaps. But, no.

Adult Coloring Book PagesMulti-tasking is great. I was good at it while studying at university decades ago but as I age, I realize I’m better off if I focus on one thing at a time.

I still have to come to terms with many things. Find my own way of working where I juggle things and get things done satisfactorily.

What do I do from here?

3 Simple Steps to Deal with Productivity Blocks

Here are three baby steps that I’ll do to handle this block:

1. Deliver in small bits.

Small is better than nothing. I won’t target to create long blog posts. Occasionally, perhaps, when I’m on relax mode.

2.  Be like lightning.

Fast is good. It may not always be applicable in all instances like when sharing some private moments with your love ones. However, when time is scarce and getting things done is important, acting quickly is great. To me, this would mean writing short and quick posts. Then, I’m done!

3. Move on.

I won’t wallow in my weaknesses, mistakes, shortcomings, gaps, and deficiencies. I know they exist and I have a fair share of them; however, I won’t be petrified, taken aback, or depressed. I’ll just keep moving. Like the river. Otherwise, I’ll stagnate and that’s a no, no.

That’s it, folks!

I’m off to work.