Coloring Bookworm in the Next 90 Days

Coloring Bookworm in the Next 90 Days

I haven’t blogged continuously in the months of June and July. However, these are the months where I’ve blogged the most. And I have learned so much.

July ends tomorrow. Another month is starting.

The question now is, in what direction am I taking Coloring Bookworm in the next 90 days?

My marching order is still building my list. In line with that, I shall be working on the following:

  • Focused and targeted content - The content that I had written over the last months was varied. The reason behind this is that I was still in the process of stabilizing my blog. I still am improving my website structure but some things are a bit clearer now. I would be posting more relevant content at least twice a week.
  • Automation - upgrade my free account at MailChimp to Pro so that I could schedule advanced emails to my subscribers.
  • Build a know, like, and trust relationship with my existing subscribers - I have been struggling with technical stuff in my website and failing to communicate with my existing subscribers is wrong. I don’t want them to feel neglected; as such, I would make building a positive relationship with them a top priority.
  • Create more opt-in windows - In my previous post, I touched on the importance of opt-in products. If I were to build my email list, I will have to create more windows where readers could easily subscribe.
  • Social media engagement - I’ll work on building my Instagram and Pinterest accounts. I already have my Twitter going but I would have to inject my own content. Facebook would also benefit from likes.
  • Create products to sell - Launching products at JVZoo and WarriorPlus is within my radar with the next three months. This is a great way to build a buyers’ list.
  • Affiliate marketing - I will be studying how to incorporate affiliate marketing in my blog. Certainly, many related products are worth promoting.

It’s easy to list a hundred things to do but it’s difficult to implement them all.

There’s is more in my to-do list; however, I’ll keep them to myself for now.

What do you think of my 90-day plan? Is it a sound plan? Have I missed some important tasks? Any tips to help me move forward?

If you have been blogging, too, would you say you are better off now than a month or two ago? What insights have you gained? Any plans to move your blog forward?

I would love to hear your thoughts! 


Coloring Away on a Fun Sunday

Coloring Away on a Fun Sunday

Right Tools, Correct Use, Great Results

Today is a Sunday. It’s family day and, supposedly, day of fun and relaxation.

In keeping with that, I took time off coloring a page that I did. I used my coloring pens - Derwent Inktense, Prismacolor and Laurentien. I used a paint brush for the Inktense to spread the color around. Inktense can give you a beautiful watercolor or intense ink effect depending on how you play with it.

I just recently bought the Inktense pens and used them once or twice and very briefly.

Coloring PensI didn’t get the effect that I wanted. I confused Prismacolor for the Inktense pens. When I applied water on the colors, it didn’t spread. I noticed that the printing paper was thinning out. I then realized that I used Prismacolor, which isn’t water soluble.


Meet Coloring: My Teacher

Nevertheless, the experience was fun. It gave me some quiet time to think about a lot of things. It also taught me (again!) that

  • I can’t be perfect in everything
  • each one has a learning curve
  • I should be gentle with myself when I commit mistakes
  • mistakes happen for a reason
  • next time, I’d be a little wiser and I’ll do things better.

That’s what simple coloring can actually do. It forces you gently to be touch with yourself. It’s a subtle learning and teaching tool. It works on the subconscious and change could happen without you knowing.

If you’ve been coloring or have done it before, did you find it fun and relaxing?

Did you have a similar experience with insights?

How valuable is coloring to you?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.






Artistic Freedom: Independence at a Micro Scale

Artistic Freedom: Independence at a Micro Scale

Happy 4th of July to the people of America!

There is nothing like reclaiming one’s independence from an alien invading power.  It means enjoying various freedoms and carving one’s own course, good or bad.

This is also true to finding one’s voice and exercising freedom as an artist - writer, photographer, journalist, dancer, illustrator, painter, poet, illusionist. tailor, or actor.

Wait, wait. Doesn’t a blogger fit in?

Cheers to everyone!


Sleep: Simple Formula to Productivity

Sleep: Simple Formula to Productivity

Today is awesome. As soon as I woke up today, ideas for my about page burst like a dam that can’t hold overflowing water.

What more, I finished four coloring pages of cats!

The reason? Enough sleep. I went to bed at around 9PM.

What a simple solution to my sluggish disposition. I should do that very often.

Have a look at my drawings.

Cat Coloring Book

Cat Coloring Book

Cat Coloring Page

Cat Coloring Book

Follow me if creating coloring pages and books interests you.


Day 10 – Adult Coloring Pages Challenge: Clean Up at Photoshop

Day 10 – Adult Coloring Pages Challenge: Clean Up at Photoshop

Today is my tenth day creating my own coloring pages. So far, so good. I have improved significantly in the number of pages and quality of drawing that I’m able to come up with - two done sketches and one draft sketch. Not bad!

“Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still.” ~Chinese Proverb

I thought I should work on cleaning up my inked images. That means adding another menu to my daily activities - drawing, inking, scanning, clean-up.

Each time I start a new thing, it’s almost always an uphill climb. It could be tedious work and really draining. At times, I wanted to take a break and do something else. However, after all that I’ve been through it feels like I’ve grown into the habit of making my coloring pages everyday.

One good thing I’ve developed from starting my “Adult Coloring Pages” Challenge is a stronger ability to focus. Before, I hopped from one task or activity to another when what I was doing that’s meant for the long haul did not give me immediate results. Now, I know where I’m heading and my mind and body are all targeted to reaching my destination.

Adult Coloring Pages: Clean-up Job Results

I’ve done some clean-up tasks before but still, it is something where I’m still slow at. That means I have to work harder and smarter to learn the trade.

After hours of on-and-off work today, I managed to come up with two images. Take a look at the before and after images:

This is the first one:


coloring pages for adults


Adult Color PagesMy second one is the floral coloring page. I’m almost there. I just need a little more tweaking. It should be ready by tomorrow when no major distraction come my way!


flower coloring books



Adult Coloring Pages Challenge

How did I fare? Does it inspire you to color the page?

Please let me know in the comment below or send me a note and I’ll send you this coloring page.

Better still, join me in this challenge. It’s never too late to start as the adult coloring books market is exploding! You don’t want to get left out. But even if you don’t get into publishing, just the act of making your own coloring pages is delightful!