Go for Passive Income: A Simple Roadmap

Go for Passive Income: A Simple Roadmap

Fiverr Is Great But Requires a 100%

The day before yesterday, a customer bought a gig from my store at Fiverr. They were for adult coloring pages, either mandalas or patterns. Yesterday, I got two more gigs. Although I had three days to deliver, I completed delivery earlier. That practice builds good reputation for satisfactory customer service.

I set up an account at Fiverr in May 2011. Seven months later, I was selling videos. I was earning, but it was not much.

Gigs - the term for products or services sold at Fiverr - started at just $5 at that time. As a seller, you graduate to Level 1, 2 or top earner seller depending on how much you sell over a period of time. As you  move up the ladder, you are rewarded with more gigs and more extras to sell.

I got to Level 2 as a seller, but when I went for a 2.5-month holiday last June 2015, I paused my services. I lost track of Fiverr for a year and learned just this June 2016 - when I reopened shop to sell coloring book designs - that it just got better.

You have more earning potentials now because of their triple gig packages, a tiered pricing structure, which means each package should have a different value:

  • Standard: Standard is the lowest priced package that includes only the essential elements of your service. This Package should provide your customers with a complete but basic service at an attractive price.
  • Premium: This package should be priced higher than Standard, but lower than Pro. It should include some extra elements that will justify a higher price point and entice buyers who are looking for more than just the basics, but might not be willing or able to invest in a pro-level package.
  • Pro: This is the package with the highest value, so it should include all of the extra services that a buyer might need, plus multiple revisions and a fast delivery time.

I love that each week I get a gig. At least one a week. Not bad for a new seller. If Fiverr has a set-and-forget, hands-free delivery system - one where I could upload my pre-made products, and buyer gets them without waiting - everything would have been perfect.

In the real world, perfection doesn’t exist. Good enough is good enough as long as it works.

Fiverr is a great platform - even if I had to deliver customers’ orders manually each time. Well, I can’t always have everything. I am happy the way it is. Over a period of time while selling videos at Fiverr, I have developed a reliable system to fulfill my gigs in less than 15 minutes.

A Set-and-Forget, Hands-Free Delivery System Is What You Want

Fiverr is unlike other platforms in that regard. At CreativeMarket, where I also have a shop, sellers already upload your files as they set up their offer. When a customer orders and pays, they get your product instantly. You would know that the transaction got completed when you get an email notifying you about a purchase and how much you earned.

Creative Market PixiesparksThat’s the kind of marketplace that I’m eyeing for my products. In the coming weeks and months, I am targeting to open shop in these platforms.

There are plenty of them. Some that I’ve taken note of are the following:

I have more in my mind but I’m not sure how their system goes. On my study list are the following:

I’m also eyeing various graphics deal sites. I have a specific strategy for them but only after I’ve put up my products in the sites I’ve mentioned.

They are pretty much like Amazon’s Kindle Bookstore and CreateSpace. You do what are required of you. Once done, you just wait for your royalty report to know how much you earned. Then, you collect your money at the bank by the end of the month. Cool, right?

That’s what you want.

The more platforms you’re in, the better. Shoot for marketplaces that provide a set-and-forget, hands-free delivery system. You invest time and effort initially to set up your shop and products. You then forget it. The time you remember it would be when you get an alert email telling you that you have money in your account.

Fiverr Is Still It Plus More

Having said that, there’s no way that I’m not backing out of Fiverr. I love Fiverr! I’ve gotten so much from it beyond monetary satisfaction.

Now, I’m shooting for smart systems that would let me optimize my efforts and harvest so much more while I sit around creating more adult coloring pages and books!

If you know of other places to sell digital products in the way that I described, please let me know and I’ll add it to my list. I’m sure readers looking to earn passive income would thank you. I would be grateful to you myself.

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