Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Your Mom Says You’re Perfect

Creating is like conceiving and birthing. As mom, you exercise due diligence to ensure your baby is perfect. But is there a state of perfection? With all our flaws from birth to adulthood to senility, there is none.

Except to moms (and dads).

Yes, we are! At least to them, we are.  No matter how we look. Whether we have ten, eleven, twelve or no fingers at all. Whether we were a talker or never uttered a word. I could go on and go but you get the point.

Birthing: How Does it Feel, Mom?

So what’s this bloggin’ all about?

Well, I’m still hard at work with my coloring pages, trying to perfect the craft.

Three days ago, I joined Cynthia Koo’s 365-Day Project at Skillshare. I committed to create one coloring page a day. So far, I’ve created six since the day I started last July 3rd.

Adult Coloring Page on CatsI’ve been having a mix of experience - fun, aha moments, trial-and-error, breakthroughs, discouragement, determination, and everything in between.

There’s this big hurdle I’m trying to solve about line weights in my coloring pages. I haven’t mastered it to a “T” but I’m not giving up. I know I’m really close. Like a pregnant woman, how could I turn back?

I recall 13 hours of labor with my first child, sixteen years ago. It was tough. It was nerve-wracking, I was scared. I didn’t know what was to come next. I wanted to scream but kept my cool. I knew that if I did, I would lose myself to panic. I was practicing the Lamaze birth method and my husband was beside me all the time. That made things easier for me. When my baby finally came out, my prevailing thoughts and feeling was that I could overcome whatever challenge comes my way.

What I’m saying is - I’m having birth pains with my art! It’s tough. It’s nerve-wracking. I’m scared. I get tired at times and want to give up. Yet, I can’t. I won’t. I’m moving forward.

Wisdom of the Tortoise

These birth pains would go beyond 13 hours for sure. I’m prepared for many more months and years of polishing my craft. It’s a slow process but as the tortoise says,

“Slow and steady wins the race”

Remember my “Adult Coloring Pages Challenge“? This 365-Day Project is pushing me to carry on with that. My intention was (and still is) to keep creating each day until I have enough materials to publish.

I would get there. In due time.

And, yes, one page at a time.

How to Deal with Overwhelm

How to Deal with Overwhelm

What Overwhelms You: Tasks

When people are killing it big in their business, here I am - paralyzed. The culprit? Overwhelm!

I can’t help it. There are just so many things to do:

  • put up my blog header
  • write blog posts regularly
  • create social media graphics
  • build back links
  • learn Photoshop
  • create products to sell
  • prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • clean the house
  • wash laundry
  • exercise.

They come and never stop coming.

What Overwhelms You: People

As someone wet on the ears, you must listen to experts. People who came ahead of you. Learn from them. You subscribe to their website. You follow them to extract their sweet juices. You haven’t realized just how much time you spend each day to:

  • read their blog posts
  • discover specific advice they could give for your concerns
  • buy their courses
  • implement course assignments
  • attend their webinars
  • write testimonials for them
  • post in their social media accounts
  • open their emails and email them back
  • interact with them.

What Overwhelms You: Rules

You have to do this and that, like:

  • create great content because content is king!
  • build a list to have your make-money-on-demand ATM
  • interact with readers to develop like, trust, and respect
  • take care of yourself with regular exercise, healthy diet, enough sunshine, sufficient water intake, adequate sleep
  • spend quality time with your spouse and kids
  • breathe and enjoy each passing moment.

Just so many rules to follow.

Often I feel that projects overwhelm us when we look at how many hours are involved until completion. But just getting started is usually not that difficult. ~Emily Giffin

What Overwhelms You: Emotions

OverwhelmWhen you experience overwhelm, your emotions crumble. You get a mucky feeling inside:

  • uncertainty
  • alarm
  • sadness
  • madness
  • pain
  • isolation
  • depression
  • deprivation
  • anger
  • boredom
  • drowning
  • giving up.

It becomes a dis-ease.

How Do You Deal with Overwhelm?

You tell me.

How can you do all these when you a fixed amount of time in your hands? You have 24 hours. I have 24 hours. All of us do.

How come other people pull it through and manage to shine?

I don’t know.

I hear people say that to shove away overwhelm and keep them on track, they do the following:

  • define their goals or what matters most to them
  • setting targets following the 80/20 rule
  • prioritize the important stuff
  • maximize their calendar by scheduling tasks and following through
  • come up with an editorial calendar for their blog posts
  • use the Pomodoro timer
  • outsource
  • delegate
  • minimize or avoid time wasters such as social media, emails, Skype
  • turn off the TV and gadgets while at work.

Isn’t that too much to do? That’s not just too much. That’s overwhelming!

So what now? I sure would take note of what works for others. In many instances, they’ve worked for me, too.

For now, I’ll just take things a step at a time.

I guess I just feel under the weather today. This, too, shall pass.

Silent Waters and Creating My Adult Coloring Pages

Silent Waters and Creating My Adult Coloring Pages

I’ve been busy creating my adult coloring pages. I have revisited my goals and took note of targets to meet.

As such, I’m being silent as a lamb and working behind the curtain.  As this saying goes:

My Big Question on Creating Adult Coloring Pages

So far, I’ve discovered great techniques to improve my coloring pages. I’ve been thinking a lot about this big hurdle:

“How do I create really slick lines in my drawings like I see in most adult coloring books?”

I have managed to keep my lines clean by turning them into vectors in SVG format.

I have managed to make them thin by adjusting line weights in Adobe Photoshop. However, my success with this is limited. I still wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to keep them even slicker.

For days on end, I searched for answers to this boggling question. Answers online were scarce, even nil. I had to sew the tiny pieces.

Finally, I found it - my way of creating clean and slick lines for my coloring pages!

Have a look at what I came up with using my newfound knowledge:

Adult Coloring Books Page



Clearing Technical Blocks to More Creativity

Clearing Technical Blocks to More Creativity

I have been quiet from the blogging world lately. My intention was to post a blog every single day and keep up with Sarah Arrow’s 30-day Blogging Challenge. For a time, I made it and then came a point when I have to choose between posting everyday and creating my adult coloring pages.

Or am I just making excuses? Perhaps. But, no.

Adult Coloring Book PagesMulti-tasking is great. I was good at it while studying at university decades ago but as I age, I realize I’m better off if I focus on one thing at a time.

I still have to come to terms with many things. Find my own way of working where I juggle things and get things done satisfactorily.

What do I do from here?

3 Simple Steps to Deal with Productivity Blocks

Here are three baby steps that I’ll do to handle this block:

1. Deliver in small bits.

Small is better than nothing. I won’t target to create long blog posts. Occasionally, perhaps, when I’m on relax mode.

2.  Be like lightning.

Fast is good. It may not always be applicable in all instances like when sharing some private moments with your love ones. However, when time is scarce and getting things done is important, acting quickly is great. To me, this would mean writing short and quick posts. Then, I’m done!

3. Move on.

I won’t wallow in my weaknesses, mistakes, shortcomings, gaps, and deficiencies. I know they exist and I have a fair share of them; however, I won’t be petrified, taken aback, or depressed. I’ll just keep moving. Like the river. Otherwise, I’ll stagnate and that’s a no, no.

That’s it, folks!

I’m off to work.



Erase Self-Doubt and Celebrate Your Awesomeness

Erase Self-Doubt and Celebrate Your Awesomeness

Why Are You Never Good Enough?

Many times, you are faced with self-doubt.

You doubt if you can do what you wanted to do or are supposed to do as an employee, spouse, parent, friend, or mentor.

You doubt if you have what it takes to meet standards. You claim that you’re an artist, a writer, an accountant, or teacher. Deep inside, you ask yourself: Do I measure up? Am I who I say I am?

You  doubt if you’re good enough. You are never enough, are you?

You feel that you don’t measure up. You’re always short - shorty, short-sighted, shortchanged.

If you entertain your battered, critical self, you’ll never be enough. You’ll always feel empty, deprived, down-and-out, alone, lonely, frustrated and dissatisfied.

Simple Ways to Deal with Self-Doubt

When that happens to me - and, believe me, it does - here are the things that I do:

  • Accept myself. I embrace who I am. Who I am is who I am and I love who I am. I deserve to be in my own skin.
  • Believe in myself. Who I am today is a living person. I breathe, I grow, I change. Who I am now isn’t the person yesterday nor will I be, tomorrow. I believe in who I am.
  • Trust the universe. I trust that everything will be taken care. I’m good. I’ll be okay.
  • Listen to others. Other people see more than I do. They have more wisdom and understanding than I do. I listen to them. I express gratitude for their compliments or encouraging words. I filter out the bad they say that can do me harm.

Adult Coloring Books

  • Take action. If I do nothing to effect change - whatever it is - things would be as they are. That’s for sure. So, I set goals, work towards them, and switch off my inner critic.
  • Expect positive change. I am an optimist and as long as I live and strive to be better, I expect great changes to happen.
  • Celebrate my awesomeness. I celebrate my awesomeness. There’s no one as awesome as me!


Well, folks, how about you? When self-doubt hits you, what do you do? How do you deal with it?

I would love to hear your story! Please share it with us below.



How Do You Live Life to the Fullest?

How Do You Live Life to the Fullest?

I am at the 17th day of my “Adult Coloring Pages” Challenge. I’m not stopping or slowing down. I’m just breathing in some fresh air and then off to work I go. I have to deliver two orders for coloring pages at my Fiverr store.

Taking a Short Break from Work

Part of my routine in the morning are do the following:

  • check my website for comments
  • finding interesting mail
  • monitoring orders at my online shops
  • read news and entertainment online
  • post to social media.

As I did them today, some inspiring meme caught my fancy. I searched the original source and discovered variations of it.

A Dose of Inspiration

What would you expect me to do? Put my own spin to it, of course.

Here’s my end product:

Coloring Book Worm Inspirational Quotes

This really made my day!

Spread the Joy

If this is something that touched you, please do the favor of sharing it to friends and family at Facebook!

It’s a friendly reminder that life is beautiful. You just have to live by some principles.