Today - day 16th of my “Adult Coloring Pages” Challenge - I’d like to spot other uses for coloring pages. There is so much more to coloring sheets that you may not have thought of.

Adult Coloring PagesAdult Coloring Pages: Sales and Marketing Uses

# 1 - Sell published physical book

This is the standard use for adult coloring book pages. You compile them using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Indesign, and the like and then send them to a print-on-demand platforms like Create Space and Ingramspark.

# 2 - Sell at your own store or shop

Why not put up your digital store or shop? You could sell a wide variety of adult coloring books. You do this on a long-term continuing basis. You have control over your shop and products. You decide at which price to sell, when to hold sale event, how much commission to give to your affiliates, and more. You brand your shop, promote it and expect people to come to you regularly to fulfill their their needs. You serve them a variety of coloring books, you’re open 24/7, and they get instant download when and where they want it.

# 3 - Sell digital downloadable ebook at other online shops

You save your adult coloring book in PDF format and sell them at online stores. There are many like Fiverr, Gumroad, Sellfy, Tradebit, Dealguardian, and more.

# 4 - Drip content to your membership site

You set up your own coloring book membership site and use the adult coloring book pages that you created as content to drip feed your members.

 # 5 - Manage a coloring group or club

You may organize your group of coloring artists, enthusiasts and hobbyists and use the coloring sheets for your peers or club members to color.

# 6 - Build your subscriber list

You may give away adult coloring books or pages for free. This is a way to attract people to your site and get them into your subscriber list or database. For marketers, entrepreneurs, authors and just about anyone doing business in the internet, having access to subscribers via their email is important. It’s the best way to keep in close contact with target audience and customers. On a personal note, you may also give your coloring pages to members of your family and circle of friends.

# 7 - Earn affiliate commissions

You sprinkle affiliate links in your adult coloring ebooks. If people use your link to buy any offers, you get commissions by way of products, services or money.

Adult Coloring Pages: Artistic Uses

There are lots of uses for your adult coloring sheets. Most that I could think of are artistic uses such as:

  • Calendar
  • Greeting cards
  • Journals
  • T-shirts
  • Bags
  • Background
  • Logo
  • Fabric

This list never ends and is limited only by your imagination. Can you add to it?


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