Hey, Glad You’re Here!

Are you an art enthusiast, doodler, illustrator, photographer, gardener, teacher, traveler, dreamer, wanna-be artist, or some guy or gal

who wants to take your artistic expression, profession, hobby, dull moments or adventures a notch higher by creating your coloring pages?

Are you awed at the amount, diversity and awesomeness of art that you see in adult coloring books?

Rather than coloring other people’s artwork, do you sometimes wish you have yours to color?

Do you dream of publishing your adult coloring book someday?


You don’t have the tools.

You aren’t a schooled graphic designer nor professional illustrator.

Neither am I!

But we can work it out from the ground up.

That’s why I put up this blog.

Coloring Book Worm: What Is It?

We know what a bookworm is. It is someone who reads or studies a lot to advance knowledge or intellect. Books are his lifeblood.

coloring book wormA coloring bookworm, on the other hand, is a creative at heart who:

  • appreciates, studies, scrutinizes, even imitates, art in coloring books
  • possesses a strong desire to explore one’s art through coloring pages
  • actively finds ways to learn the craft of creating coloring pages
  • strives to master the tools, techniques and skills through consistent practice
  • embraces the endless possibilities for one’s art beyond coloring pages.

This blog is for all coloring bookworms who breathe these qualities or are in the process of doing so.

Who am I?

Maria SilvoI am a work-at-home mom who loves to create my own coloring pages.

I am a creative at heart. As a child, I belonged to a group of artistically-inclined students. I drew, did watercolor, competed and won in art competitions, played guitar, danced, and sang.

However, somewhere in my growing up years, these artistic expressions vanished. Something went wrong down the road.

At some point, I thought I wasn’t good enough with anything artsy.

I just gave up and pursued more left-brained stuff - research, technical writing, planning, and monitoring and evaluation - in my adult years.

Maria Silvo The Unwanted StoneSubconsciously, I hungered to express my creative side. My three kids helped me bring back my beaten artist. Through them, I wrote children’s books and published them at Amazon’s Kindle bookstore and other online platforms. Except for one, I illustrated these books with the help of my kids and some awesome apps.

I also opened my online shop at CreativeMarket, selling digital goods.

When the market for adult coloring books exploded, I knew that creating artwork like those in these type of books is what I wanted to do.

So I started from scratch with barely anything except:

  • my love for line art
  • ideas of what materials to use based on those that my teenage daughter use for her manga sketching and coloring
  • desire and determination to master the craft.

coloring bookwormLike a worm, I crawled on the ground. I ventured into various activities such as these ones to enrich myself:

  • enroll in many courses
  • spend on books
  • subscribe to Adobe for Photoshop and Illustrator and learn them
  • ask questions and find answers to them
  • scout around for helpful free and paid apps 
  • invest hours and hours of practice and experimentation
  • document my recipes and formulas in my notebook
  • create my own coloring bundles to sell
  • set up my Fiverr shop dedicated to selling coloring pages and aim for 5-star reviews
  • work on this blog
  • dream a lot.

It dawned on me, I have found a gem - my passion!

And the object of that passion is coloring pages and books.

Coloring Bookworms Wanted!

You know how it feels to work alone at home. It’s lonely and stressful.

Wouldn’t it be nice then to work with kindred coloring bookworms?

If you’re someone who:

  • doubts your creativity
  • yearns to unmask and embrace your creative self
  • fancies the idea of creating coloring pages, publishing them into coloring books, or finding other artistic uses for them
  • is willing to learn the craft
  • find joy in creating your coloring pages

let’s hook up and form a happy groupie of coloring bookworms!

I would love to share with you my:

  • free coloring pages
  • value-laden information, and
  • insider tips related to creating coloring pages.

We could share notes, and then it won’t be lonely but fun and meaningful.

A load shared is a load no more.

Let me know how to reach you. An email address would be great, and if you, sign up at the box below, we could work out something great.

I can’t contain my excitement. My mind is ever so active. Let’s do this!


Maria Silvo


You may also get in touch with me or learn more about me through the following links:

Email: coloringbookworm@gmail.com

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/ColoringBookie

CreativeMarket: https://creativemarket.com/PixieSparks

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