Coloring Bookworm in the Next 90 Days

Coloring Bookworm in the Next 90 Days

I haven’t blogged continuously in the months of June and July. However, these are the months where I’ve blogged the most. And I have learned so much.

July ends tomorrow. Another month is starting.

The question now is, in what direction am I taking Coloring Bookworm in the next 90 days?

My marching order is still building my list. In line with that, I shall be working on the following:

  • Focused and targeted content - The content that I had written over the last months was varied. The reason behind this is that I was still in the process of stabilizing my blog. I still am improving my website structure but some things are a bit clearer now. I would be posting more relevant content at least twice a week.
  • Automation - upgrade my free account at MailChimp to Pro so that I could schedule advanced emails to my subscribers.
  • Build a know, like, and trust relationship with my existing subscribers - I have been struggling with technical stuff in my website and failing to communicate with my existing subscribers is wrong. I don’t want them to feel neglected; as such, I would make building a positive relationship with them a top priority.
  • Create more opt-in windows - In my previous post, I touched on the importance of opt-in products. If I were to build my email list, I will have to create more windows where readers could easily subscribe.
  • Social media engagement - I’ll work on building my Instagram and Pinterest accounts. I already have my Twitter going but I would have to inject my own content. Facebook would also benefit from likes.
  • Create products to sell - Launching products at JVZoo and WarriorPlus is within my radar with the next three months. This is a great way to build a buyers’ list.
  • Affiliate marketing - I will be studying how to incorporate affiliate marketing in my blog. Certainly, many related products are worth promoting.

It’s easy to list a hundred things to do but it’s difficult to implement them all.

There’s is more in my to-do list; however, I’ll keep them to myself for now.

What do you think of my 90-day plan? Is it a sound plan? Have I missed some important tasks? Any tips to help me move forward?

If you have been blogging, too, would you say you are better off now than a month or two ago? What insights have you gained? Any plans to move your blog forward?

I would love to hear your thoughts! 


How to Create a Download Page: A Simple Way

How to Create a Download Page: A Simple Way

Yesterday, I wrote a post on how to create a download page.  It was more a question to myself, so that I would seriously seeks answers to it.

If you go to my freebie section, you would find a blank page (and I shouldn’t have included that in my menu).

The reason for that is, you guessed it! I didn’t know how I could share resources - art work, ebook, video, audio, graphics, or just about anything.

After some work, I finally found some instructions from on how to create a download page.

Here’s how I’m implementing it:

Step #1 - Upload document.

In your editor, click “Add Media” on the top.


You’re then taken to your media library. Beside it is a folder called “Upload Files.” Click it and upload the document you want to share.


Now that you have your document in your server, you are now ready for the second step.

Step #2 - Create a page or post.

Create a page or post where you write some blurbs to introduce your downloadable document.

Although optional, this is nice to have.

Step #3 - Create a placeholder.

The placeholder is where you put your link. It may be any of the following:

  • title of your document
  • type of document like PDF, video, audio, graphics
  • instruction saying “click here” or “download here.”

It’s up to you. I think the bottom line is to make it descriptive or instructive.

Step #4 - Create a link.

In the page or post that you’ve created, place your cursor over the placeholder.

coloring bookworm

Then, click “Add Media,” as shown in step 1. That would create a download link for you.

As a way to test what I’m saying, I’m creating a download link for a free ebook of 31 mandalas.

coloring bookworm

Download 31_Free_Mandalas

I created these using a free site that I’ll talk about in a future post. This is not my freebie yet for my subscibers, which is better. I promise.

Sorry, I have to rush. It’s my eldest son’s birthday and our family is eating out.

I guess that’s it.

The question now is how to keep your document secure, if that’s your intention. I’ll delve deeper into this as I anticipate times where my freebies would be exclusive to my subscribers.

By the way, my heartfelt thanks to those who commented on yesterday’s post and shared valuable tips. Truly appreciate you!








How Do You Create a Download Page?

How Do You Create a Download Page?

Along with client work, I’m working on my freebies as part of my opt-in offer.

Many things are strange to me. One of them is how to offer a downloable document.

As I have most of my freebie coloring pages ready, I would like to try how I may share them.

How do I carry out this task?

This is something that I’m figuring out right now.

How to Create a Download Page: Three Options

I am considering three options:

Option #1: Download Express

In the past, I bought a plugin Download Express from Mark Hess. I jumped in on the offer because it promised secure download; however, as I scrutinize it now that I want to use it, it seems I could only provide download link via:

  • Thrivecart
  • JVZoo
  • Warriorforum
  • Zaxaa.

I’m not using these though. I just want to have my subscribers download in my website.

I’ll check this plugin closely through the video and PDF instructions provided. I may be missing important things. Perhaps, I’ll shoot Mark Hess an email.

Option #2: Share to Download

I have this plugin installed in my site. I don’t know how I got this and how I’d use it.

Option #3: Site-Based Download Page

When I buy products from sellers, I often download my purchase via a download page in the sellers’ website.

Again, I’ll play with it for the remaining hours of the day.

Hopefully, I could have a page ready by tomorrow.

Now, who ever said that running an online business is easy? With all the techie stuff that I have to do, I don’t think so.

Practice Makes Perfect?

However, I’m sure that with time, things would get easy just because I shall have gotten familiar with operations. Also, after a period of trial and error, I shall have learned the skills that would make my life easy.

How about you? Are you at a stage in your business or blogging where you know how to set up your download page?

How about sharing your experience with me and my readers? Some valuable tips would surely go a long way.

My thanks, in advance.




How to Make Money Online: A Road Map

How to Make Money Online: A Road Map

How to Make Money Online: A Source of Confusion

Everyday, I get emails of close to a hundred from people I’ve signed up to. Yesterday was a typical day but inspiring, for me. I got an email from Crissy Heron of Indiebizchicks who was telling an interestingly familiar story.

It was about this lady at Facebook who expressed confusion about a bunch of courses that she had signed up to.  These were mostly get-rich-quick sort of courses like “how to make $5,000 in 5 days.

These courses stir you up with promises of making money online. Making $5K in 5 days? Oh, my. Who wouldn’t jump in?

How to Make Money Online: A Great To-Do List

But wait. There’s a missing piece: How do you actually make it happen?

Crissy’s response to this lady was, to me, priceless.

She shared with her a simple list of what needs to be done to make money online.

Her list consisted of the following:

  • Buy a domain
  • Get hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Create a simple site
  • Sign up for an email autoresponder service (Aweber, MailChimp, etc)
  • Create an opt-in offer
  • Start promoting your opt-in offer on social media
  • Create great content - blog posts, valuable emails you send your list, videos, whatever you like to create
  • Create more opt-in offers, to encourage more people to sign up for your mailing list
  • Promote your content on social media
  • Keep growing your email list
  • Make offers for products or services.

How to Make Money Online: The Secret Sauce

However, there’s a secret sauce to all these. You have to take action!

In her email, she said that if we, her subscribers, had done any of it, we had to tick them off, and move on to the next thing.

I’m keeping this checklist close to my heart and make it my road map.

How to Make Money Online by Building a List

If you look into her list, what stands out and dominates the show is the creation of opt-in offers. You must create opt-in offers. That’s how you build your list. You keep it growing. Then, you continue making offers for products or services.

However, that could only happen if you’ve done the preps:

  • Buying a domain
  • Getting hosting
  • Installing WordPress
  • Creating a simple site
  • Signing up for an email autoresponder service.

After that, you should are all set.

That said, I’d like to share that I’m close to finishing my freebie for my subscribers. Watch out for it!

Mandala Adult Coloring


List-Building and Cutting Stones

List-Building and Cutting Stones

The Three Stonecutters: Who Was Building a List?

During a management course I attended over two decades ago, I heard a story that stuck in my head. You may have come across it, too. It’s the Parable of the Three Stonecutters.

I searched the internet to jog my memory and found many versions. I could not ascertain who the author is but learned that Peter F. Drucker, the famous management guru, popularized it in his book, The Practice of Management (1954).

List-buildingThe version I remember is a shorter one, which is this:

One day a traveler, walking along a lane, came across 3 stonecutters working in a quarry. Each was busy cutting a block of stone.

Interested to find out what they were working on, he asked the first stonecutter what he was doing. “I am cutting a stone!” Still no wiser, the traveler turned to the second stonecutter and asked him what he was doing. “I am cutting this block of stone to make sure that it’s square, and its dimensions are uniform, so that it will fit exactly in its place in a wall.”

A bit closer to finding out what the stonecutters were working on but still unclear, the traveler turned to the third stonecutter. He seemed to be the happiest of the three and when asked what he was doing replied: I am building a cathedral.”

Building a Cathedral through List-Building

I’m preoccupied with building my list right now. You may be doing the same, too.

In the light of this parable, which stonecutter are you?

Me? Pretty much all of them.

I’m cutting stones. More than that, I’m making sure that the stones I cut fit my requirements. It is hard work, alright, and needs focus and time away from caring for my family. That’s despite me working at home.

However, I’m doing this for something grand.

Behind all these challenges and hard work is a common thread that binds the third stonecutter and me.

  • We both have a vision.
  • We both look forward to materializing our cathedral.
  • We both are willing to work for it.

That’s why I’m moving on.

Hopefully, my freebie is up before I get to bed tomorrow.

How about you? Which of the three stonecutters can you identify with?

Have you envisioned your own cathedral like the third stonecutter?

Are you building it brick by brick?

Please share us your story below. That would be cool.