How to Name Your Adult Coloring Book: My Search Still On

How to Name Your Adult Coloring Book: My Search Still On

Publishing an adult coloring book has many aspects to it. One of it is finding a great title.

I am finalizing work on my first adult coloring book, which was what I set out to do under my “Adult Coloring Pages” Challenge. The intention was to create page after page of coloring designs until I end up with a published coloring book or a series of books.

By the looks of it, the market is inundated with adult coloring books on mandalas. Now, I’m adding to the growing number! Anyway, who knows where this leads me? I cannot give up before I’ve even started putting my own in the market.

Title Attributes for Your Adult Coloring Book

Now, I’m looking for a lovely name to christen my baby! It should have the following attributes to it:

  • Captivates - It needs no more than a glance or two to attract attention;
  • Stands out - It’s pretty similar to the first. However, I’d like to emphasize that the book should be a cut above the rest. It must have an ooomph. I may be asking for too much. Mandalas are mandalas by whatever name, right? Still, I’d like to give this one a try and that’s why I’d like to hear what you think. Besides, more heads are better than one.
  • Sticks - It should be easy to recall.
  • Says what it says it is - It should be true to what is inside the book pages. This adult coloring book on mandalas focus on mandalas. However, it’s more than just mandalas because of its surrounding embellishments.

Naming Your Adult Coloring Book: 5 Simple Steps

Here are steps I’m taking to find a standout name for my mandala coloring book:

  • Market scan - Look around for titles of similar books. What are already there? How are they presented? What uniqueness or special features do you see?
  • Set criteria - Define what attributes your book title should have. How short or long? What keywords or phrases do you use? How should the words sound like to your ear?
  • Brainstorm - Play around with words and phrases based on what you’ve seen and what you want.
  • Ask around - Seek out the help of others. What suggestions do they have? How do you seek them out?
  • Decide - Soon enough, you’ll have to decide a name for your book. Once done, you may test the waters. You may revise later on if results you expect don’t show up?

Title Options for My Mandala Adult Coloring Book

I have a number of titles in mind:

Candidate # 1: Mandala Sprawl

Candidate # 2: Mandala, Mandala!

Candidate # 3: Brilliant Mandalas

Candidate # 4: Mandala Blast

Candidate # 5: Beyond Mandalas

Candidate # 6: ?

Any thoughts on these?

Did anything catch your fancy or stirred your imagination?

Any suggestions of a better or improved title?

I would love to hear what you say.

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ll give a complimentary PDF copy of the adult coloring book on mandala to anyone who comments down below. As soon as this baby comes out, you’ll have first dibs. 🙂


Glean more designs in my last two posts:





My Adult Coloring Book: Search for a Great Title

My Adult Coloring Book: Search for a Great Title

How My Adult Coloring Book Pages Look Like

I have created a number of slick coloring pages for my adult coloring book. These coloring sheets have the following elements in them:

  • mandalas
  • flowers
  • leaves
  • geometric shapes.

I plan to have at least 30 coloring pages in them.

My Adult Coloring Book Pages: Samples

Here are two samples of what I’ve done:

Adult Coloring Book Page

Adult Coloring Book PagesThere’s another one at the bottom of yesterday’s post, Silent Waters and Creating My Adult Coloring Pages.

(Note: The featured image in this blog post looks grayish. However, the final coloring pages in JPG and PDF are clear and awesome.)

I’m almost done except for a great title.

Can you help me with this?

I would appreciate your valuable help and as a token of my gratitude, I would gladly send you a printable PDF if you comment below this post.

Once I’m done packaging my coloring pages into an adult coloring book, I’ll let you know ASAP.

You’d love this, for sure.


I’m still deep into my “Adult Coloring Pages” Challenge. These pages that I’m about to publish is a product of it.

Silent Waters and Creating My Adult Coloring Pages

Silent Waters and Creating My Adult Coloring Pages

I’ve been busy creating my adult coloring pages. I have revisited my goals and took note of targets to meet.

As such, I’m being silent as a lamb and working behind the curtain.  As this saying goes:

My Big Question on Creating Adult Coloring Pages

So far, I’ve discovered great techniques to improve my coloring pages. I’ve been thinking a lot about this big hurdle:

“How do I create really slick lines in my drawings like I see in most adult coloring books?”

I have managed to keep my lines clean by turning them into vectors in SVG format.

I have managed to make them thin by adjusting line weights in Adobe Photoshop. However, my success with this is limited. I still wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to keep them even slicker.

For days on end, I searched for answers to this boggling question. Answers online were scarce, even nil. I had to sew the tiny pieces.

Finally, I found it - my way of creating clean and slick lines for my coloring pages!

Have a look at what I came up with using my newfound knowledge:

Adult Coloring Books Page



Clearing Technical Blocks to More Creativity

Clearing Technical Blocks to More Creativity

I have been quiet from the blogging world lately. My intention was to post a blog every single day and keep up with Sarah Arrow’s 30-day Blogging Challenge. For a time, I made it and then came a point when I have to choose between posting everyday and creating my adult coloring pages.

Or am I just making excuses? Perhaps. But, no.

Adult Coloring Book PagesMulti-tasking is great. I was good at it while studying at university decades ago but as I age, I realize I’m better off if I focus on one thing at a time.

I still have to come to terms with many things. Find my own way of working where I juggle things and get things done satisfactorily.

What do I do from here?

3 Simple Steps to Deal with Productivity Blocks

Here are three baby steps that I’ll do to handle this block:

1. Deliver in small bits.

Small is better than nothing. I won’t target to create long blog posts. Occasionally, perhaps, when I’m on relax mode.

2.  Be like lightning.

Fast is good. It may not always be applicable in all instances like when sharing some private moments with your love ones. However, when time is scarce and getting things done is important, acting quickly is great. To me, this would mean writing short and quick posts. Then, I’m done!

3. Move on.

I won’t wallow in my weaknesses, mistakes, shortcomings, gaps, and deficiencies. I know they exist and I have a fair share of them; however, I won’t be petrified, taken aback, or depressed. I’ll just keep moving. Like the river. Otherwise, I’ll stagnate and that’s a no, no.

That’s it, folks!

I’m off to work.



Erase Self-Doubt and Celebrate Your Awesomeness

Erase Self-Doubt and Celebrate Your Awesomeness

Why Are You Never Good Enough?

Many times, you are faced with self-doubt.

You doubt if you can do what you wanted to do or are supposed to do as an employee, spouse, parent, friend, or mentor.

You doubt if you have what it takes to meet standards. You claim that you’re an artist, a writer, an accountant, or teacher. Deep inside, you ask yourself: Do I measure up? Am I who I say I am?

You  doubt if you’re good enough. You are never enough, are you?

You feel that you don’t measure up. You’re always short - shorty, short-sighted, shortchanged.

If you entertain your battered, critical self, you’ll never be enough. You’ll always feel empty, deprived, down-and-out, alone, lonely, frustrated and dissatisfied.

Simple Ways to Deal with Self-Doubt

When that happens to me - and, believe me, it does - here are the things that I do:

  • Accept myself. I embrace who I am. Who I am is who I am and I love who I am. I deserve to be in my own skin.
  • Believe in myself. Who I am today is a living person. I breathe, I grow, I change. Who I am now isn’t the person yesterday nor will I be, tomorrow. I believe in who I am.
  • Trust the universe. I trust that everything will be taken care. I’m good. I’ll be okay.
  • Listen to others. Other people see more than I do. They have more wisdom and understanding than I do. I listen to them. I express gratitude for their compliments or encouraging words. I filter out the bad they say that can do me harm.

Adult Coloring Books

  • Take action. If I do nothing to effect change - whatever it is - things would be as they are. That’s for sure. So, I set goals, work towards them, and switch off my inner critic.
  • Expect positive change. I am an optimist and as long as I live and strive to be better, I expect great changes to happen.
  • Celebrate my awesomeness. I celebrate my awesomeness. There’s no one as awesome as me!


Well, folks, how about you? When self-doubt hits you, what do you do? How do you deal with it?

I would love to hear your story! Please share it with us below.